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What To Bring

  • Sunglasses, Sunblock, Hat

  • Whatever You May Want To Eat Or Drink

  • Camera-Video Recorder ( Hopefully Record An Epic Catch!)

Please No Glass Containers!

Sea Sick Pills

If you are going to take them, take only 1/2 before going to bed the night before your trip. Then as soon as you wake up take the other 1/2. Sea sickness pills are very small but very powerful. You will be much better off ( no matter what size you are) only taking 1/2 of a pill. They can make you nauseous!

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is permitted on the vessel. We do not have a problem with you having a few beverages on the trip, please drink responsibly & enjoy your trip. We want you to feel at home while onboard, but don't make us pull a pistol and end the trip!

We Supply....

All Fishing Rods, Bait & Tackle​

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